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All Knights & Ladies from classes of 1958 to 1984!

Due to popular requests from all Lennox High School classes, we’ve heard you and have acquired additional space to accommodate all the graduating classes to attend our reunion on Saturday, July 20, 2024.

   LOCATION: On Campus & Local Hotel

Click Here To See Who Registered & Is Coming?

If you plan on staying at the reunion hotel, once you've completed your registration, you will be given a group code to get the $179/per night discounted room rate.

To register print and complete the registration form below and email or mail it back to the addresses provided on the form. Payments can be made by check or via Zelle.

The deadline to register and pay is 6/20/24 so don't delay!

No walk-ins or payments will be accepted at the door.


6:00pm - 1:00am LAX Hyatt Regency Hotel

COST: $135 for both Campus and evening venue at hotel

12:00 - 3:30 Former Lennox High School campus

COST: $35 for Campus ONLY:


ACCOMMODATIONS: Once you register and pay, we will send you the hotel code for the reduced room rates @ $179/night.

Click HERE to download the Registration form (Word format) with the extra information we need for the fun prize give aways.


Lennox High School was located at 11033 Buford Avenue, Lennox, California, and was open from September 1957 until it closed its doors just after the graduation commencements in June 1984.

Our students became famous athletes, musicians, doctors, lawyers, actors/actresses, playwrights, philanthropists, builders, educators, scientists, aviators, mechanics, artists, law enforcement, firemen, nurses, career military enlisted and officers, architects, entrepreneurs, activists, models, and more. The diversity and breadth of scope has shown no bounds in our Lancers as they navigated life after Lennox, each having success in their own right and in their own unique ways.

After our doors closed as a high school in 1984, our memories of not just our beloved school were kept alive, but so was our community. Our gym and locker room was the set for Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox, and Lethal Weapon 2, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, filming on location at 111th and Larch.

The students that went to Lennox as juniors (Class of 1985), sophmores and freshmen were displaced to Hawthorne and Leuzinger high schools. A couple years later, the campus was reopened as Lennox Middle School, home of the Flyers. The school district was divided and Centinella Valley School District became Centinella Valley Union High School District, all the schools within the Lennox borders was brought into the Lennox School District, that governs K-8, the elementary and the middle schools.


Are you planning a reunion? Let us know and we will post it on here. It can be a full scale or a mini-reunion, we want to hear about them all and of course post the pictures and comments from the here on your Lennox Lancer Home website.


This site is dedicated to All 1958 - 1984 Alumni, Faculty and Staff of Lennox High School that was located in Lennox, California 1958 - 1985.  Lennox High School Opened This website is dedicated to all who entered the royal corridors of our beloved Lennox High School in Lennox, California beginning in September 1957 until the doors were closed in June 1984. All who entered are known as Lancers, with the men called Knights, and the women, Lady's.

For most, Lennox High School and the Lennox community was a special place and time and forever cherished within our memories. We were a family and continue to be to this day. Thanks to you all - faculty, staff, and students that made the memories with us.

We hope you'll find something of interest while you visit this site and will share it all your fellow Lancers Knight's and Lady's.

The idea for a website came from the members of the Class of 1962 prior to the Big Y2K All Class Reunion and the need for a sharing the information about it and bringing everyone together. Bulletin boards were the rage of the time and a new platform called Myspace was basically the only social media for sharing messages, but few used it.

A member of the class of 1964 took ideas and made it a reality when she developed the Lennox Lancer Home as a place to keep everyone informed and in-touch with each other, we all know her as "Lancer Lady". She always said this site it about the school and the great people that went there and not about herself, so few know who she is. She now has health issues and has not been able to work on the site in the past year and a half which is why the site went down. Several of us have been working with her over the years as the eyes and ears to keep her informed and the site updated.

Lancer Lady has finally given us permission to let it be known who she is and tell her story about the site and all she has done over the twenty plus years since she started this great website. Read her story here: Lancer Lady Tribute.

Her main goal was create a common ground for us all so we could find other classmates, plan reunions, or just read what other alumni have to say about their years at Lennox, after we left, to praise a specific educator, or just browse around.

It takes us all to keep the Lancer Pride alive and well for our kids, grandkids and great-grandkids to see where we grew up. Share this site with your fellow Lancers, kids, grandkids, etc. so that the Lennox Lancer Spirit to continues on, and on and on.......

Plan on spending some time roaming around the corridors of our royal kingdom here, there is a lot to see and reminisce about our days of yore.


We are always open to suggestions on what you would like to see here in the website and value your input that would encourage you and others to return again and again.

Click HERE to send us an email with your input.

(Newly added and updated)

Changes to the page include enlarged fonts for names (helps those of us who can't see as well as we used to), updated photos, veteran status with the symbol of the branch of service they were in, birth and death dates, new logos for the nine Lancers killed in Vietnam.

If you know of any Lancers that have passed away, please send us as much information as you can about them so we can add them to the Memoriam Page. The more information - the better!

Here is what helps make a nice memorial as well as whenever we have to do any searching:

- Graduation Year
- When and where they died/lived
- Full name if known to include maiden name
- Copy of or the link to the obituary
- Siblings that went to Lennox
- Recent pictures
- Any memories you'd like to share about of the person, paint the picture of who they were and their life.

Look through your High School pictures and your memories to us to include on within the royal passage ways herein.


Lennox High School records are maintained at:
Centinella Valley Union High School District (CVUHSD)
14901 Inglewood Ave.
Lawndale, CA 90260
(310) 263-3204


Lancers where are your "Now" photos for " Roll Call " pages?
Lets see some more of you!  
Why aren't we hearing more from our Finest Faculty/Staff?   
C'mon Lancers Let's Keep that Spirit Alive!


"Recognize These Kids Class of 1960 and 1963"
1959 Felton Ave Grads and 1960 Camp Conrad

1962-63 Program

'68 Seniors Lance

1964-66 Memories


Photos of the Past Events and Recent Reunion are posted on the Spirit Lives On Photo Albums !




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Our last Principal was
Mrs. Eleanor Hooper

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