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A Huge THANKS to the following Lancers who made it possible for us to have all the yearbooks:

Mr. Charles Armstrong, Faculty
Mr. Stan Bosler, Faculty
Mr. Norman Furatani, Music Teacher
Mr. Dan Karella, Faculty
Mrs. Diane Karella, Class of 1967
Trish (Taylor) Goddard Class of 1967
Danny Hernandez, Class of 1968
Reid Jones, Class of
Gene Hunter, Class of
Bonnie English, Class of
Beverly (Huber) Santos, Class of
Dawn McCartney, Class of
Mary Teri (Whitmer) Smith, Class of 1976
Johanna (Beaulieu) Bowsher, Class of 1978
David Darcy, Class of
Linda (Ehler) Kiel, Class of 1980
Diana Campbell Gonzalez, Class of 1984

Without their help, we would not have these great memories to enjoy.

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